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VBS Summer Camp

Ten Wonderful Years!

After TEN wonderful, creative, fun-filled years, we have retired our Imagination to Creation Creative Arts Camp. It has been a great experience singing praises to the Lord, sharing our love for art, drama, music, developing lasting friendships, and caring for others through unique mission endeavors each year.

We have been blessed with over 500 volunteers and nearly 900 campers. Songs have filled our Fellowship Hall and laughter has been in our classrooms. We thank God for this opportunity to have shared a small amount of His love and beauty with so many and we hope that those who experienced our camp will have as many wonderful memories of it as we do!


We are taking a hiatus for a while to plan and develop something new. We feel God calling us in a new direction, with a new format, and a new focus that instills those same qualities we have experienced in the past of praise, love, learning,creating, and being able to meet the needs of todayís families. We donít quite know exactly where Godís call will lead us but we look forward to the opportunity to imagine and create something wonderful with His help. Check back with us again and we will update you with some of our ideas as soon as they are known.

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