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Children's Choir

Our children add wonder and joy as they learn to worship by example and instruction. We believe that children should experience being a part of the larger church family at an early age, which they do in worship through song, prayer, readings, and a children's lesson time.

Periodically, our Children's Choir offers music to enhance the worship experience. They prepare each Sunday from September to May learning a variety of Christian music from classical to contemporary. They are taught to sight read, musical notation, and rhythm from Nursery through Middle School. They learn to understand the concepts of pitch and volume. They enjoy learning rhythm though instruments and what it means to work together as a group.

Go to Children's Ministries to learn more about these programs.

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Office Hours, 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Address: 175 Allens Creek Road, 14618
Phone: 585 244-2468
FAX: 585 244-2469

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